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Career & Wellbeing Coaching

Calmer Llama Coaching specialises in Career & Wellbeing Coaching - helping you to feel confident, energised, and ready to make big (or small) changes in your personal or professional life. Whatever your particular situation, we’ll work together with curiosity and creativity, so that you can move forward in ways that align with your own needs, values, and strengths.



  • you feel it's time for more strategic career development and planning

  • the 'stepping-stones' to the next level are not explicit in your organisation

  • you've had a career break, for whatever reason, and you want to return to work with confidence (and in a way that suits you)

  • you feel it's time to change direction (following a change of heart, or a change in circumstance) and you'd like to explore your options?


Coaching can give you the space to think through your options, and the confidence to find the right solutions for you. Talking about your situation with a coach, can help you to identify new ways of approaching things. It can also help you to think about what might be holding you back, provide you with an opportunity to remind yourself what you enjoy, what's important to you, what you’re good at, and enable you to reflect on, and learn from, your past experiences. 


Many of our clients are successful professionals who have become 'stuck' and, as a result, are overthinking, stressed or anxious about the decisions they need to make, and the direction they want to take.  Our philosophy is that it's often not a lack of confidence that is holding you back, but a lack of clarity. Let Calmer Llama Coaching help you achieve this clarity. 



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